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This programme is sponsored by the Vera Ruttonjee Desai Foundation. It aims to provide oral rehabilitation including implants to eligible senior persons and to improve the quality of life of the beneficiaries. The eligible targets are seniors aged over 65, recipients of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA)....

We are very privileged to be a designated clinic to provide dental service for the persons with intellectual disability (PID) of the Healthy Teeth Collaboration Project managed by the Department of Health. The services include oral health promotion & education to caregivers of PID and basic dental treatment necessary for PID by behavioral management, conscious sedation or general anaesthesia....


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15 June 2019

Metro Finance “Life Marathon”

An Interview with Loving Smiles Foundation

First half

Second half

Press Release


Loving Smiles Foundation Leaflet

Introduction to Common Dental Treatment –  Tooth Extraction

Introduction to Common Dental Treatment – Scaling, Root Planing and Filling

Introduction to Conscious Sedation

Introduction to General Anaesthesia

Leaflet on Effective Ways of Brushing Teeth


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