We urge all who have means to have a closer look at the people with special needs in our society. All of them possess one or more kinds of disabilities. Most of them are disadvantaged. They have difficulties even to lead an independent life.


Loving Smiles Foundation Limited is founded by a group of individuals who care whether these people with special needs smile and laugh from their hearts. We feel very strongly that appropriate dental care solutions, embracing expertise, infra-structure and services, specific to their needs would give them a joyful life.


We, therefore, appeal to your gifts to our Foundation, so that novel dental care ideas and worthy programmes targeted at these special people could get off the ground.


In the immediate three years from now, we wish to focus on promoting the dental health of the special people. There has not been any expertise nor infra-structure where the special people could have access to proper and quality care. Its development requires your contribution. Here is how you could give:

Gift of Cash

You can either:


1. Bank transfer


direct transfer your gift to the Foundation bank account below, then scan and send your pay-in slip through email to info@lovingsmilesfoundation.org

Account Bank: Chong Hing Bank
Account Name: Loving Smiles Foundation Limited
Account No.: 249-10-1011416


2. Cheque payable


send a cheque payable to “Loving Smiles Foundation Limited” to the following address:
Shops E13-15, G/F, Cho Yiu Centre, Cho Yiu Chuen, Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong


3. FPS


enter the following FPS ID (email address) or directly use mobile banking to scan the following QR code, and take a screenshot of the transfer record,
and email to info@lovingsmilesfoundation.org

email: info@lovingsmilesfoundation.org


Gift in Kind

We welcome the following instruments and equipment that remain serviceable, to be passed onto non-profit organizations to reduce the cost of their dental services, including,

  • Dental instrument in good working condition
  • Portable equipment that require no installation, purchased within 3 years and in good working condition

Gift of Service

We are seeking the services of Volunteer dentists to work in the dental clinics, as part of our dental care team.  Interested persons please contact the CEO at info@lovingsmilesfoundation.org and provide your contact details below or call 9086 8558 to find out more.



Email Address

Tel no.

Available for which days/am or pm

Gift that Provides Income

Gifts that can produce income are alternative means to raise funds, such as:

  • works of art and culture
  • dental practice with good will

Gift of Will

It is a common benevolent practice for philanthropists to make planned giving.


Bequests in terms of a percentage of your residuary estate can be nominated to the Foundation as the beneficiary. This can be cash, personal jewelleries, life insurance, securities, profits of an ongoing business…etc.


For any enquiries regarding your giving or to find out how to pledge your planned gifts, please feel free to email the Honorary Treasurer at info@lovingsmilesfoundation.org

Givers’ Privileges

Any giver has both of following privileges:

  1. Tax-deductible receipts
    All gifts of cash over HKD100 will be awarded a receipt that is tax deductible in Hong Kong.


  1. Visits to the Foundation supported projects
    We are committed to arrange visits to current projects that are supported by the Foundation for any giver of gifts to the Foundation.

Our Pledge

The Board of the Loving Smiles Foundation Limited pledges to commit your gifts to fulfill the vision and missions of the Foundation and to ensure cost-effective use of your gifts, transparency in gifts allocation and strong governance in our monitoring and control.