Online Oral Health Talk

Oral Health is Related to Dementia?

A US study has discovered that a type of periodontal bacteria travels around the body and binds to a toxin linked to Alzheimer's disease! Researchers looked for the bacteria in brain samples from people who died from Alzheimer's disease and found through experiments that they can transfer from the mouth to the brain.

Talk Topics

1. Dementia and Oral Health

  • Relationship between dementia and oral health
  • The importance of oral health for elderly with Dementia
  • Common oral health problems among the elderly
  • Ways to prevent oral problems
  • Teach the correct way to brush your teeth

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2. Oral Care for People with Dementia (Home)

  • Causes and symptoms of oral problems in people with dementia
  • Oral care tips and steps at home
  • Solving methods for oral care problems


3. Denture Care

  • How to deal with missing teeth

    • Removable dentures, dental bridges, dental implants

  •  How to care for dentures

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Target:Elderly and carers
Duration:One hour
Speaker:Education Officer (Health Promotion) Miss Fong
Fee:Free of charge
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