Healthy Teeth Collaboration

We are very privileged to be a designated clinic to provide dental service for the persons with intellectual disability (PID) of the Healthy Teeth Collaboration Project managed by the Department of Health.



  • Oral health promotion and education to caregivers
  • Annual dental checkup and preventive treatment for PID
  • Dental treatment necessary for PID by behavioral management, conscious sedation, MAC or general anaesthesia
  • Rehabilitation service including dentures where indicated for PID


Service period:

  • 16 July 2021 – 15 July 2024


Eligible PID are:

  • Adults aged 18 and above; AND
  • Proof of intellectual disability by way of:
    • Registration Card for People with Disabilities issued by the Labour and Welfare Bureau
    • Medical certification
    • Rehabilitation service certification


Escort and transport subsidies:

  • Escort subsidy – actual expense with a maximum of $350 per dental visit and up to 6 visits per service year
  • Transport subsidy – actual expense of no more than $300 per dental visit, and up to 6 visits per service year


Booking / Enquiries:

  • Call 2370 2669 (at 9:00am to 6:00pm, Mon to Sat)
  • WhatsApp 5406 3928


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