Centre Oral Health Talk

We hope to cooperate with various communities/elderly centres to hold oral health talks (free of charge) under the "Jockey Club Special Oral Health Programme". We want to share with elders, people concering cognitive impairment and caregivers on self-maintaining oral health in order to reduce the chance of developing oral diseases.

Oral Health is Related to Dementia?

A US study has discovered that a type of periodontal bacteria travels around the body and binds to a toxin linked to Alzheimer's disease! Researchers looked for the bacteria in brain samples from people who died from Alzheimer's disease and found through experiments that they can transfer from the mouth to the brain.

3 Talk Topics

Dementia and Oral Health

  • Relationship between dementia and oral health
  • Importance of oral health for people with Dementia
  • Ways to prevent oral problems

Oral care for people with dementia

  • Causes and symptoms of oral problems in people with dementia
  • Oral care tips and steps at home
  • Solving methods for oral care problems

Denture Care

  • How to deal with missing teeth
    • Removable dentures
    • Dental bridge
    • Dental implants
  • How to care for dentures

Talk Details

Elderly, people concerned about dementia and caregivers
Centre physical talk / Zoom talk
About 1 hour and 15 minutes (including Q&A time)
Education Officer (Health Promotion) Miss Fong
Free of charge

Part of Cooperative Organizations

Elderly Centres

  •  香港聖公會福利協會有限公司
  • 鄰舍輔導會
  • 基督教家庭服務中心
  • 旺角街坊會
  • 東華三院
  • 香港明愛
  • 嗇色園
  • 救世軍
  • 基督教香港信義會
  • 博愛醫院

Elderly Centres

  • 香港耆康老人福利會 
  • 仁愛堂
  • 鍾聲慈善社
  • 浸信會愛羣社會服務處
  • 九龍樂善堂
  • 元朗大會堂管理委員會有限公司
  • 香港西區婦女福利會
  • 保良局
  • 中國基督教播道會社會服務有限公司
  • 聖雅各福群會

Other Organizations

  • 香港房屋協會 (全港20條邨)
  • 香港認知障礙症協會
  • 地區康健站
  • 九龍東/新界東長者學苑聯網
  • 賽馬會流金匯
  • 仁愛堂歐雪明腦伴同行中心
  • 博愛醫院及天水圍醫院病人資源中心
  • 伊利沙伯醫院病人資源中心
  • 屯門醫院病人資源中心
  • 長青數碼教室
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